The Feran pack started off as a resource pack for an MMORPG server that never came to be.
Now it is available for anyone to download! The style is a siplistic and smooth medieval/rpg theme with 16x textures.
If you like a smooth and simple pack this is for you!
Once i have finished the 1.16 version (or 1.17 if its out by then) i will make versions for 1.8 onwards.

The word Feran is an old english word meaning "To Travel" or "To Set Out"

Terms of use

By downloading you agree to the Terms
Feel free to use this resource pack for whatever you like, so long as you give credit.
You may upload it privately in order to use as a server resource pack ONLY.
If you use for anything else please link to this download page.
Do not edit or remix the textures and claim them as your own. Always leave credit to me.
Do not use for any type of commercial use